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What patients are saying about Memphis Vein Center:

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    "Dr. Arcot, thank you for sharing your talent with me and so many others. I am on my feet all day and was experiencing severe pain in my legs day and night. Since Dr. Arcot's laser procedure I am able to work and not have pain. I was worried about developing a serious problem. No more worrying. Keep up the good work you do.

    Dr. Arcot, I appreciate everything you did for me. Those horrible cramps are gone. My buzzing legs are gone and the snake going up my leg is gone. Thanks to you and your staff for making something so scary not so bad after all. Thank you for doing such a great job.

    I had 2 ulcers on my left leg after having EVLT laser by Dr. Arcot my leg has healed and the ulcers are gone. I have no more pain. I had been dealing with the pain for 3 years. I can now do anything I want with no pain at all. Thanks to Dr. Arcot and Memphis Vein Center, I can live normal again. !"

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    "I want to thank Dr. Arcot and Memphis Vein Center for making my legs look and feel better than ever. Thanks again Dr. Arcot."

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    "After having my second child my varicose veins showed up. It made me very self conscious. I would look in the mirror and ask why me? My legs were painful and swollen. After I had the laser procedure done my legs feel great. I am able to walk without pain. I can wear dresses, shorts and skirts. My husband loves my legs. No more long pants or capris, back to shorts for me. The staff at Memphis Vein Center is wonderful, they make you feel welcome each time you come to the office. I am so blessed to have this laser procedure done. Thank you Dr. Arcot.

    Dr. Arcot, thank you for sharing your talent with me and so many others. I am on my feet all day and was experiencing severe pain in my legs day and night. Since Dr. Arcot's laser procedure I am able to work and not have pain. I was worried about developing a serious problem. No more worrying. Keep up the good work you do. "

  • test_pict_03

    "For the last 7 years I have had pain in my legs so severe that I was unable to sleep. I would wake up with muscle cramps and my ankles would swell. My varicose veins were so severe I would not wear shorts and when I would wear a dress I had to cover my legs up with dark stockings so no one would notice. Now, after my laser varicose surgery, I am pain free! My legs are beautiful again thanks to the Memphis Vein Center!"

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    "Thank you so much for making my legs feel and look better! No more varicose veins! They feel great after the laser varicose procedure. I would highly recommend Memphis Vein Center."

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    "I had excruciating pain for 10 years! After having the varicose laser procedure with Dr. Arcot, my PAIN has gone. I can finally go back walking everyday without any pain!"

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    "Thank you so much for revitalizing my legs! Yay! No more spider veins! They feel great after the surgery... Wonderful job. Now I exercise longer, travel easier, and I can keep up with my kids! I appreciate you!"

  • test_kathy

    "I have lived with pain in my legs for several years.
    Now, after having the VenaCure procedure with Dr. Arcot, I have had no pain or swelling at all. My visit to the Memphis Vein Center has greatly improved the quality of my life--making that first visit has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made."

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    "The unsightly varicose vein on my inner right thigh was causing my leg to swell.
    It was totally removed. The varicose veins in my lower right leg were eliminated with the laser treatment. I no longer have swelling in my right ankle.
    The results have been AMAZING!! I was most pleased with Dr. Arcot and his very friendly staff. I would recommend Memphis Vein Center to anyone."

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    "After my pregnancy I developed spider and varicose veins in my legs and ankles. This caused me to suffer with restless legs and frequent tingling/pain causing interference with my sleep.
    After having the laser and injection treatments with Dr. Arcot my spider and varicose veins have disappeared, and the blood circulation has returned to my legs. The best news of all is that the treatments have relieved my pain and my energy level has returned - not to mention I feel great wearing my shorts and swimsuit again! Dr. Arcot and his staff are lovely to work with. They provided me with wonderful service and genuine care. I highly recommend the Memphis Vein Center to anyone for vascular problems."

  • test_pict_no

    "I suffered many months of unexplained pain in my right shin area.
    After my vein surgery I can now go about my daily routine without constant pain. I went through months of x-rays, MRI, bone scans, and ultrasounds with no result. I had decided I would just have to do my best to live with the pain. I was not able to take my daily walks or practice yoga. It was depressing and frustrating that after all of the tests there was still no explanation for the throbbing pain I had experienced for months. When my neurologist recommended I go to a cardiologist to see if my veins and heart were working properly, I was very skeptical, but hopeful. I found the staff at your office to be very kind and thorough. Cathy and Leigh Ann were especially kind and explained every step involved in the laser vein treatment. The surgery was very quick and painless. I am now back to my walking and yoga routines and no longer have any pain in my right leg. Thanks so much!"

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    "I was very pleased to be releived of the pain my veins had caused me and the lack of down time at work. My job can be physically demanding at work and 3 days after my procedure I was back doing things my co worker balked at."

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    "I want to thank the staff of Memphis Vein Center and Dr. K. Arcot for treating my spider veins on my legs. For the first time, I am able to wear dresses and feel so comfortable showing my legs. I will be telling everybody that I know who is thinking about having this treatment to come Memphis Vein Center. Thank You!!"

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    "I have suffered from leg pains and stinging sensation caused by my spider veins for 15 years! After getting treatment at Memphis Vein Center, by Dr. K. Arcot, my pain has gone! I am confident and comfortable wearing shorts and dresses in public. Getting this treatment has increased my self-esteem in general. Thank you to the staff of Memphis Vein Center and Dr. Arcot for giving me my self-confidence back!"

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    "Between heredity and being on my feet constantly I was doomed from the beginning regarding my veins. I have had two procedures since I was eighteen years old; injections with saline and the other one was when one inch of vein was cut out ever two inches. Obviously those procedures did not work. Then I found out about Dr. Arcot and his team, and what a difference in my life they have made. Because they use the latest technology (Vena-Cure procedure), I'll never go through another summer wearing pants or carpi's all the time. Dr. Arcot and his team, from the beginning have been very informative about what the procedure was and what was to be done there after. And the way they presented was very refreshing, to say the least. I never left without a question unanswered. I hope this can help those unsure about the endovenous laser procedure. Thanks Memphis Vein Center!!"

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    "My experience at Memphis Vein Center has been great, the staff and Dr. Arcot went over and beyond my expectations. I was suffering with pain for 2 years. After getting endovenous laser and spider vein treatment, my legs look and feel GREAT! Thank you Memphis Vein Center!"

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    "I have suffered with leg pains for 5 years. After coming to Dr. Arcot, Memphis Vein Center, and having the laser procedure done, I feel like I have a brand new set of legs. My leg pains are GONE!"

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    "I came to Dr. Arcot's office, Memphis Vein Center, on 04/19/10 and my leg was a mess. I have suffered from venous stasis for years. I have had constant pain in my leg. My leg was dark-swollen and I cried all the time. I'm a nurse and I can't take pain pills constantly. I needed a cure! I was referred to Dr. Arcot and he asked why I haven't been to see him before now. I told him, I didn't know he existed. I do now. It's August and my leg looks really good and very little pain. I will let other people know of all the good work he has done to my leg. I have already referred my sister to him. Great job Dr. Arcot and all your staff!"

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    "I am so pleased with the way my legs look now! The laser procedure was virtually painless and I went shopping right after having it done. I should have done this years ago!"

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    "My legs hurt all the time. They were tired and achy. I couldn't keep them still when sitting. I had the endovenous laser treatment done and my symptoms have improved. I would recommend anyone to Memphis Vein Center."

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    "After living for years with the pain, discomfort and embarrassment of unsightly varicose veins, I was genuinely surprised at how fast, safe and effective this procedure is. I am now able to wear shorts and no longer experience burning, itching or swelling. This is as painless as getting a cavity filled, but so much more rewarding."

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    "I have had severe leg swelling and vein problems. After coming to Dr. Arcot, I had the endovenous laser treatment done. My swelling is GONE!"

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    "I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. By the end of my shift, my legs were in excruciating pain. Saw my primary care physician and she suggested that I see Dr. Arcot. I did and now I am pain free! I no longer experience pain and my legs feel great after along shift."

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    "I had huge varicose veins for many years. After having a vein in my ankle burst and finding myself in a puddle of blood, I knew the problem had to be corrected. I had confidence in selecting the Memphis Vein Center for the varicose vein laser treatment after becoming acquainted with the work of Dr. Arcot and his staff while having heart tests done at Memphis Cardiology. The procedure lasted approximately a half hour, involved very little discomfort, and there was no pain caused by the surgery afterward. The results are amazing! I no longer have swelling and pain that were caused by the veins; therefore, I can be on my feet for longer periods of time and sleep more comfortably. Because there is no evidence of the varicose veins left on my legs, I am not embarrassed to have my legs showing!"

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    "I had leg pains for 12 years. After seeing several physicians, I came to Memphis Vein Center with severe leg pain. I had the laser procedure done and my pain is gone! I would recommend Memphis Vein Center to everyone."

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    "I am delighted with the efficiency of the staff at Memphis Vein Center and the end result of the varicose vein procedures on both legs."

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    "My legs feel so much better, I feel better! The treatment was quick and I was able to even go Christmas shopping the same day."

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    "I would like to say, that having the EVLT has changed my life in such a positive way. I feel wonderful, the pain, tiredness, heaviness, and swelling are gone. My leg hasn't felt this good in twenty years. Thank you Dr. Arcot and staff for all you have done for me. God Bless you all!."

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    "I have suffered from restless leg, aching and pain several years. Not to mention how embarrassing I felt wearing shorts and bathing suits. I came to the Memphis Vein Center on a consultation visit and came out feeling like a new person. Dr. Arcot and his staff always made me feel comfortable. They went above and beyond my expectations. When I look at the difference in my legs, I am truly amazed!."

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    "Words are truly inadequate to express my gratitude for Dr. Arcot for the complete total relief I have gotten from the EVLT procedure for my varicose veins. The pain, throbbing, and itching became unbearable. I knew I must address this situation. The procedure took 35 minutes and I was back to work the next day standing on my feet – selling jewelry. Best thing I ever did in my life – Have my Betty Grable legs back too!."

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    "At last, Dr. Kishore K. Arcot has cured my ulcers on both my right and left leg. I have had my ulcers for at least the last six years. My skin color is normal and I can walk without pain! Thanks to the exceptional team at Memphis Vein Center!"

  • test_pict_a7

    "This was the best thing I could have ever done. Don't know why I waited so long. Memphis Vein Center is great. The staff is wonderful! Dr. Arcot is the best and my legs look super! I feel so much better. Hats off to you Guys!"

  • test_pict_a8

    "It's amazing what Dr. Arcot and his staff have done for my legs. My legs were raw and sore for 3 years before I came to see Dr. Arcot. After all my procedures were done, I feel great. I am even wearing shorts again and have no pain what so ever. Thanks to Dr. Arcot and his staff!"

  • test_pict_b01

    "After the laser treatment, I finally got my legs back!"

  • test_pict_b02

    "My legs feel like legs and not heavy logs. My calves are supple and not taut with fluid. I can walk up and down stairs easier without pain. I have ankles again!"

  • test_pict_b03

    "Dr Arcot and his staff are superb, personable and efficient and one time. No one should fear the vein procedure. The results are excellent."

  • test_pict_b04

    "Memphis Vein center has been wonderful to me, the pain was almost unbearable---it is gone. The procedure was wonderful. My legs look and feel so much better. Dr. Arcot and his team are amazing."

  • test_pict_no

    "Having the vein procedure was the best thing I have ever done. My leg pain is gone. I can finally sleep at night. Thank you Dr Arcot and Memphis Vein Center."

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    "Thank you Memphis Vein Center for the smooth, no hassle, professional procedure done for my veins. I can cross my legs now. No more pain."

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    "The Staff was great; I had a lot of bad bulging veins and a huge ulcer for 14 years. It is gone and no more leg pain, feels great. If anyone needs vein work done, I really advise Memphis Vein Center."

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    "My experience at Memphis Vein Center was wonderful. My ulcer healed without a lot of painful treatments as I had before. My legs feel wonderful and are no longer tired and heavy. "

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    "I had swelling and pain in my left leg. After the vein procedure at Memphis Vein Center, I am now pain free."

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    "For the last 5 years I had leg pain and swelling. I developed ulcers 2 years ago. After the vein procedure, I feel 100% better. NO more pain and my ulcers are healed. Thank you, thank you Dr Arcot and Memphis Vein Center. "